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ZHEJIANG WOKAI AUTOMOTIVE CO.,LTD. the predecessor was founded in 1989(formerly ruian boou auto parts co., LTD), is mainly engaged in car brakesystem, automobile plastic engineering and hardware machinery design anddevelopment, WOKAI is a collection of scientific research workers trade in abod......

1¡¢The world famous OEM auto parts company suppliers
2¡¢Wokai commitment to quality; normal use protect one hundred thousand kilometers
3¡¢Welcome to the auto matching the host plant, Brand Company Rifle Association negotiation supporting, OEM cooperation
4¡¢Thank you for using Fu Association products
5¡¢In order to make the products of the leather bowl of prolonging service life of brake fluid, please use the regular supporting

2014/12 Frankfurt automechanika £¨Shanghai) [2014-9-9]


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